Anoek Nuyens

Anoek Nuyens works as a theatre maker, writer, journalist and dramaturge. Currently based in Amsterdam, she has studied in Berlin and participated in long-term theatre projects in Kinshasa and Brussels. Over the past decade she worked as a dramaturge for theatre companies like Schwalbe and Lotte van den Berg. Next to this she partook in multiple performances as a maker, writer and performer. Her latest performance is a solo called Hulp, which premiered at Frascati Theater Amsterdam in the spring of 2015. As a journalist and critic Anoek writes essays and articles on a regular basis in which she tries to identify significant issues and transitions in our present time. In 2014 she conducted an investigative journalistic project on just to be released state secrets from the Dutch and Belgium government. She is a founding member of The Transition Office, a collective of thinkers and performers who are trying to redefine the role of theatre in the 21st century. Anoek also runs the New Ground Festival, which is part of the larger Dutch Theatre Festival and tries to formulate alternative visions on art and society.




Theatre, writing