City art programme Baltic Circle 2017


Maija Hirvanen, Salla Kurronen

20 May, Kannelmäki suburb in northern Helsinki

Carnaval is a twisted performance carnival which takes place in Kannelmäki suburb in northern Helsinki. The citizens from the district and beyond are invited to join to think about their personal goals in life and celebrate and materialise them together on a journey through the streets of Kannelmäki. The heart of the project is the funky Carnaval van with its spectacular visuals, high-tech sound system and small black box in the back of the van.

Before the event there are workshops where one can get ready for the Carnaval and prepare their own carnival gear, t-shirts, caps, banners etc with their own taglines and mottos. Workshops take place 10.4.–15.5. at Värkkäämö in Kannelmäki.

Carnaval is created by choreographer, artist Maija Hirvanen, producer Salla Kurronen and the working group. It is part of Helsinki Model project by City of Helsinki Cultural Office which aims to take arts out of the institutions to the suburbs and create new forms of audience development and community art.

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