City art programme Drugajanje 2017

Pursuit of Happiness

EnKnapGroup & Nature Theater of Oklahoma

27 November

Pursuit of Happiness almost feels like a Spaghetti Western: iconography of the Wild West, intense situations, long stares, cowboy dance, Morricone‑style music, a sea of corpses, and an endless pursuit for a single goal that drives the performance. It is a worn‑out saying that art is a mirror to society; in Pursuit of Happiness, the authors looked deep into that mirror and stuck their tongue out at it. Of course, apparent in the performance are problems of society that is in constant pursuit of goods, success, progress, at the expense of others and itself. But the more entertaining aspect, full of taunting and depth, is the performance holding mirror up to the art itself. The imperative of the American Dream is definitely changing the world. Can we say the same for art?

EnKnapGroup is currently the only Slovenian permanent contemporary dance ensemble. It is skillfully led by the artistic director Iztok Kovač, a world‑renowned dancer, choreographer and founder of the EN‑KNAP Institute, who is shaping a topnotch collective by constantly choosing new choreographers and directors, making EnKnapGroup an ensemble capable of tackling not only dancing, but also acting and directing challenges. For the performance Pursuit of Happiness, the collective collaborated with Nature Theater of Oklahoma, the New York artistic duo Kelly Copper and Pavol Liška. Their works represent an interweaving of theatrical boldness, and at the same time communicativeness, capable of operating on different levels – engaged, but at the same time with humor.