City art programme Baltic Circle 2018

Carnaval Juhlasesonki

Maija Hirvanen

7 - 20 May, Helsinki

Carnaval Juhlasesonki is a two-week season for celebration and a social performance taking place in Kaarela, Helsinki. The programme consists of three extraordinary parties that are organized in collaboration with local residents, in the direction of choreographer Maija Hirvanen.
"Parties are rituals through which we perceive time and social relationships. By celebrating, we remind ourselves of what's important and create meaningful moments together. During Carnaval Juhlasesonki, people who might not meet otherwise get to spend time together. There will be self-renewal, recycling opinions, celebrating by dancing, holding speeches of gratitude – and, of course, surprises", says Hirvanen.
The visually striking van customized for Carnaval project, equipped with an amazing soundsystem and a miniature black box theatre, serves both as a party stage and a hangout. The parties are composed together with each participant, utilizing Maija Hirvanen's artistic methods. During the process, both the organisers and the guests get the ideas and tools for their future events.

Carnaval Juhlasesonki Programme:
Uudistumisjuhlat – Celebrating renewal
Saturday 12 May at Asukastalo Renki in Malminkartano District
A party in collaboration with local residents
The ability to change and transform is one our most precious qualities. At this party, the participants get to renew themselves in a playful way. 
Ilon ja kiitoksen juhlat – Celebrating joy and gratitude
Friday 18 May in Kannelmäki
Hosted by Briitta Koskilehto.
At this party, we gather together to thank and to boost our gratitude. The guests are local people whom the host wishes to thank. Each guest is asked to bring with them someone they are grateful to.
VannetanssiPiknik – Picnic and hooping
Saturday 19 May at Leikkipuisto Kannelmäki
In collaboration with Valosirkus Spektri