City art programme Drodesera 2018


Halory Georger & Antoine Defoort / Amicale de Production

25, 26 July, Turbina, Centrale Fies

Germinal features individuals who see the stage as an empty and fruitful space where everything is in the making. Within this space, efforts will be made to create a system or, in more candid terms, one might say: a world.
As we watch it unfold, the actors take it as an opportunity to construct and deconstruct the history of sciences, technologies and societal structures in an experimental way, but always with the greatest care and good grace. Remaking everything, but without any moralistic intention.
In Germinal, we are indeed reinventing the wheel, but in doing so, we are questioning almost everything and putting it on trial, from the laws of physics to the foundations of social interaction. And this is done within the relatively narrow context of an empty performance stage.


Give me back my fire Gods

Kristina Norman

25 July, Le Terme, Centrale Fies


Kristina Norman's video Bring Back My Fire Gods is based on a performative intervention at the Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn. A holy site for the Estonian nation, the place is associated with the Singing Revolution and the gaining of independence from the USSR in 1991. Nearly one third of Estonian population speaks Russian as their first language, and Norman's piece is an artistic comment to the recent discussion on the impossibility of including a song in Russian into the repertoire of the festival which celebrates national unity and continuity. Norman messes around with the main symbols of the festival – the grounds is occupied by a solo singer, the festival fire is brought down from the tower, and the singing is happening in Russian and Estonian at once, the lyrics referring to the distress of a people in a distant country.