City art programme SPRING 2016

SPRING starts the Urban Heat trajectory with the new production of one of the artists of the project: Edit Kaldor’s Web of Trust. In this performance Edit Kaldor is trying to set up a new “web of trust” for political purposes. This performance is one in a range of shows  at SPRING 2016 which deal with “the political”. You could summon them up under the question: Is there politics in theatre?


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Web of Trust

Edit Kaldor (Hungary / Netherlands)

May 20 and 21, Theater Kikker

What if we refuse to continue on the plotted course? What if we demanded real change? Not tomorrow, not in ten years’ time, but now? Edit Kaldors Web of Trust is an attempt to set up a new online platform: a ‘trust network’. The aim? To bring people from all over the world together online and form a social movement based on respect and equality. Web of Trust is bringing the internet into the theatre and offers you an opportunity to turn your passive discontent into active involvement. The performance will culminate in an action plan that mobilizes everyone. 

About Edit Kaldor

Expert meeting: The Aesthetical & the Political

Different experts. Moderator Marijn Lems

May 20 and 21

During Experts meeting the following questions will be addressed: 
- Arts and activism: How can the ambiguity of art and the certainty of political activism find common ground? Should art aim to effect actual, tangible change in the world?
- Representation: How can art represent minorities with respect for their own perspectives, and without 'othering' them? How can we make sure that there is enough diversity behind the scenes as well, so that not all stories are 'appropriated' by white, western artists?
- Local connections: How can you involve the local community in artistic projects? Why is it important to do so? What could be the aim?
- Internationalisation: Should we focus on working with artists from abroad or should we focus more on artists with other nationalities who live in our own country? What can an international approach mean in a time of rising nationalism?

This expert meeting connects with the City Symposium  Aesthetics & Activism featuring Festival Fellow Timotheus Vermeulen, co-organised by SPRING and the Centre for the Humanities from the University Utrecht. Timotheus Vermeulen is working on the idea of “meta-modernism”, where he tries to bring together elements of the postmodern age of relativism and irony and modernist ideas of political impact, ideology and big narratives.




May 19-28, 2016