Rui Tavares

Rui Tavares (Lisbon, 1972) is a historian, newspaper columnist and a former Member of the European Parliament. He served on its Committee of Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs where he was rapporteur on issues of rule of law, fundamental rights and the EU’s refugee policy. Tavares holds a PhD from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris, obtained with a dissertation on censorship in the 18th century. Among many other titles he published "The Short Book of the Great Earthquake", which won an award for the best Portuguese non-fiction book of 2005. Tavares writes weekly at the Portuguese newspaper Público. His latest book is the essay "The Irony of the European Project". He is co-founder of the Portuguese political party LIVRE and of the pan-European network “Ulysses Project”.




History, politics


Speaker at Lisbon City Lab