Eugénia Quaresma

Eugénia Costa Quaresma (Lisbon, 1975) is director of the Portuguese Catholic Migrations Services (Obra Católica Portuguesa de Migrações - OCPM), coordinating the work of the Catholic Church in the areas of emigration, immigration, refugees, tourism, and the maritime apostolate. Since joining the organisation in 2001, she has led important OCMP initiatives dealing with the arrival of large groups of Eastern European and Brazilian immigrants to Portugal; the creation of an ecumenical, multi-faith platform for migrant and refugee affairs; and the first World Congress of Portuguese Communities, held in Oporto in 2005. In addition to her role at OCPM, Eugénia is involved in various educational and outreach programs as a speaker and trainer. She holds a degree in Analytical Psychopedagogy.




Religion, social work, migration


Speaker at Lisbon City Lab