Ursula Biemann

Ursula Biemann is an artist, writer, and video essayist. Her artistic practice is strongly research oriented and involves fieldwork in remote locations where she investigates climate change and the ecologies of oil and water. She works the findings into multi-layered videos by connecting the micropolitics on the ground with a theoretical macro level, proposing a reflexive exploration of planetary and videographic organization. Biemann’s pluralistic practice spans a range of media including experimental video, interview, text, photography, cartography and materials, which converge in highly formalized spatial installations. Her work also adopts the form of publications, lectures, and curatorial as well as collaborative research projects. She is a member of the World of Matter collective project on resource ecologies.

Her earlier writing and experimental video work focused on the gendered dimension of migration. She also made space and mobility her prime category in the curatorial projects “Geography and the Politics of Mobility”, “The Maghreb Connection“, and the widely exhibited art and research project Sahara Chronicle on clandestine migration networks. With Black Sea Files (2005) she shifts the primary focus to natural resources and their situated materiality. The recent projects Egyptian Chemistr and Forest Law examine the ecologies among diverse actors – from tiny water pollutants to major desert developers, from copper deposits to International Law. With Deep Weather and Subatlantic she engages the larger temporalities of climate change.





Art, writing, activism


Speaker at Dro City Lab