Brave New Alps

Brave New Alps produce design projects that engage people in discussing and rethinking social, political and environmental issues. By combining design research methods with radical pedagogy, conflict mediation techniques and DIY making, project outputs are produced that combine pedagogical spaces, publications, websites, photographs, videos, guided walks, urban interventions and other public events.

Brave New Alps’ work is focused upon developing projects that are based on a careful and exact evaluation of the cultural conditions surrounding a given project. By inhabiting the specific time and place of a project, and gaining insight from a variety of different subject specialists, an in-depth analysis of the given project’s social, political, physical and economic conditions is developed. The resulting design process aims at creating a situation or a product, which sets off a change in modes of thinking about, and operating within the identified conditions.




Design, pedagogy, DIY


Speakers and guides at Dro City Lab