Maja Smrekar

Maja Smrekar graduated at the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is currently finishing her MA at the New Media Department. Her interests are grounded in the phenomenology of perception and the concept of life. She has been collaborating with, among other institutions, the Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana for the past eight years, and with the Institute Aksioma for the past five. In their production she’s been executing projects tying together the intersections between humanistic and natural sciences into interdisciplinary works of art. Maja Smrekar lives and works between Ljubljana and Berlin.

One of the research and artistic interests of Maja Smrekar is the post-Anthropocene era. She is convinced (by science, of course) that the Anthropocene is ending and humans as invasive species are under threat to become extinct. In her cycle of work “survival kit for the Anthropocene” she is trying to think, conceptualize and develop a new species that would be more fit to survive in the new era.




Visual art, science


Speaker at Maribor City Lab