Adham Hafez

Adham Hafez, based in Cairo, is engaged in practice and theory around rituals, site-specificity, new choreographic systems, physical dramaturgy, cultural policy and new artistic hybrid forms. Adham creates dance performances, concerts, lectures, installations, and workshops. He has produced a large body of work through Adham Hafez Company, which has been presented in Egypt, the Middle East and Europe. He holds his MDA degree in Choreography from the Amsterdam Theatre School (AHK/ The Netherlands). He is the founder and programme director of HaRaKa, the first movement and performance research project in Egypt, as well as the artistic director for the TransDance festival series and the founder of Cairography, the first publication in Egypt dedicated to critical writing on choreography and performance. Currently, he teaches contemporary dance and performance theory at the American University in Cairo, and has completed the book on transmission of physical information and dance education in the Arab World.




Dance, writing, theory, activism


Speaker at Open Academy Munich