Heba El Cheikh

Heba el Cheikh is a cultural manager, studied French, translation and journalism and in 2012 she had her Masters in Arts Management focusing on community arts and evaluation at Utrecht School of the Arts, the Netherlands. In 2015, she published her thesis: Community Arts Evaluation Practices in Egypt, Lampard Editions.

In 2011, she co-founded Mahatat for contemporary art. Believing in the democratization of the arts, the cultural leader aims to decentralize the arts making it available to everyone, through arts in public spaces and community arts projects. Her working experiences range from culture management and facilitation, curating art in public spaces, interpreting and journalism (radio and print media) to website editing. In 2009, she co-founded The “Journey cultural Group” in Alexandria, aiming to promote youth creativity and critical thinking through culture and arts. Having travelled to Morocco, France, Spain, Kenya, Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Syria, Indonisia, Thailand and the USA, Heba El Cheikh published fieldwork-based articles in French and Arabic weeklies and magazines and covers arts and traveling, and tackles local community life style, culture and legacy. 




Art in public space, curating, journalism


Speaker at Cairo City lab