Emilie Petit

Artist and project manager of Momkin - espaces de possibles in Marseilles and Nassim El-Raqs, interdisciplinary dance festival in Alexandria, Egypt.

Born in 1980, Emilie Petit is a visual artist. She lives and works between Marseille and Alexandria. Through her personal artistic practice based on the experience of geography, which she has developed since leaving art school in 2001, Emilie Petit has been putting together experimental collaborative projects, initiating creative processes in atypical or innovative places and areas. These projects all explore new space-time continuums of experience, cultivating research and experimentation. Thus the Moutawassat project (2007-2009) explores writing’s relationship with the Mediterranean Sea on board a 9m wide sailboat. Then the Nassim el Raqs experimental festival project (from 2011 until present) questions the body, movement and the artistic gesture in the city of Alexandria. In 2012, she founded “Momkin - espaces de possibles” in Marseille to promote and develop her projects, an association that she now directs, surrounded by a dynamic, innovative team. 


Alexandria / Marseille


Visual arts, dance, curating


Speaker at Cairo City lab