Sandra Lapkovska

Sandra Lapkovska (b.1985) works as a producer at the New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) - organiser of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre "Homo Novus" in Riga.

Since the age of 14 she has been actively involved in different youth NGO's as a volunteer and have organised local and international educational events for young people in Latvia. The high-school exchange year in Norway, studies at folk school in Denmark and work for the charity organisation in UK all have had a strong impact on her worldview and professional life. Instead of applying for Political Science studies at the Latvian University, she started her studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture. After receiving her bachelor degree in Theory of Culture and Culture Management and working as a volunteer in film, music and theatre festivals she joined NTIL full time in 2012.

Since then she has worked as a project assistant for several EU projects, has produced new work by young Latvian artists and worked as a local producer and assistant for international productions presented in Riga.

Her biggest challenge and greatest passion is site-specific documentary theatre that involves different people in the process of creation and presentation. For Sandra theatre and art in general is important tool for conversation and dialogue.

Sandra Lapkovska on her Spielart experience.




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