Evelien van de Sanden

Evelien van de Sanden was born in 1987 and moved to Utrecht, Netherlands, to study ten years ago. She completed both bachelors Art History and Theatre- film and television studies at Utrecht University. Continuing her study with the master Theatre studies, she specialised in dance and researched hip-hop dance in theatre productions for her master thesis.

 During her studies, Evelien was active as a volunteer for several theatre festivals in Utrecht and Amsterdam. She started working as a producer for festivals like Café Theater Festival and Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Festival) and followed and internship at SPRING Performing Arts Festival five years ago. Since then she has been responsible for guests services, specific theatre productions in public space and is now production manager of SPRING Academy. SPRING Academy is an 11-days program filled with workshops, talks, presentations, exchanges and SPRING performances for 150 art students and upcoming artists from the Netherlands and abroad.

Besides SPRING, Evelien works as a creative producer for Nederlands Film festival (Dutch Film festival) in Utrecht and has worked for other Dutch festivals and performing arts companies for example Holland Dance festival in Den Haag, International Documentary Film festival in Amsterdam and LeineRoebana.

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